Chocolate Truffles with Edible Flowers


- 100g Milk Chocolate Chips (or any leftover chocolate Easter Eggs!)
- 25g unsalted butter
- 25g thickened cream
- Your choice of toppings - we used cocoa powder, chopped pistachios, rainbow sprinkles, dried cranberries, fresh baby peppermint leaves and fresh viola flowers


1. Place chocolate and butter in a glass bowl. Microwave 20 seconds at a time and mix until chocolate and butter is melted and combined
2. Pour cream into chocolate mixture. Mix well until combined and smooth.
3. Refrigerate until chocolate mixture is firm but pliable - this might be around 30min.
4. Place toppings in small bowls, ready for dunking your truffles
5. Using two teaspoons, scoop a small portion of chocolate mixture and sculpt into a bite sized truffle ball
6. Drop truffle into a bowl of one of your toppings - using some tongs or a clean teaspoon, coat truffle - note, using your hands can be messy as the truffle melts with the warmth of your fingers
7. Place truffles in refrigerator to set - at least 20 mins.
8. Enjoy! Store truffles in the fridge until you are ready to serve them as they are lusciously soft and melt in the mouth - they will melt in a warm kitchen!

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