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Growing a new Food System
to save our Earth —together.

A Food Systems revolution to save our Earth

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Food is nature, and nature is complex.

For millennia, humans have dreamed of accessing food more easily. In a few short centuries, we've gone from living in harmony with nature to industrial, globalised food systems, and the separation of our homes from our food sources —by design.

83% of us feel disconnected from where our food comes from.

But is it really a surprise? Buying food grown thousands of kilometres away from home means many of us don’t see the environmental impact of what we eat, and in just a few generations have lost much of the local knowledge of how to grow our own food along the way.

Our Food Systems need a do‑over.

After centuries of engineering, what we eat is neither better for us, nor the nature we've disrupted to extract it.

Food Miles

Food on the average dinner plate has travelled 2400-4000km to get there. Often wrapped in plastic and refrigerated to death.

Supply Chains

As demonstrated by COVID-19, bushfires, mouse plagues, heatwaves and floods, our food supply chains are easily disrupted and unsustainable too.

Industrial Agriculture

Agriculture is the 3rd largest contributor to Climate Change. Wild ecosystems are being dismantled to feed our cities across the world.

Food Waste

50% of all food produced is wasted. 75% is sent to landfill from our homes. 25% never leaves the farm.

Landfill Emissions

If Global Food Waste were a country, it would be the World's 3rd largest Greenhouse Gas producer

Nutrient Loss

Fresh veg loses 30-90% of its nutritional value in 24hrs. Food in supermarket cold storage is often months to even a year old.

The truth is...




 can lead the way to a better Food System.

with the right tools and conditions.

Imagine a convenient, zero‑waste approach

Growing and eating nourishing food, grown meters (not miles!) from where it is consumed.

Keeping nutrients where they’re needed most

Valuable kitchen scraps diverted from landfill and returned to organic nutrient cycles - to grow healthier and tastier food.

Working with nature to grow nature

A healthy ecosystem that connects rather than excludes nature's biodiversity to grow food and habitat.

Personalised knowledge at your fingertips

The wisdom of a tribe accessible 24/7, to learn and share food and plant knowledge that understands your unique conditions.

A kinder future for resilient communities

No mate needs to go hungry with fresh food grown minutes away by a generation of changemakers, connected and sharing across our cities.

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Help us create a Food System Revolution to save 🌏 —together

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We're building a new generation of home appliance to help more of us grow our own food, no matter where we live, what we know, and how busy our lives may be.

Join us on our journey as we bring this to life with heroes like you.

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Grow fresh.
Reduce food miles.
Bring nature back into our cities!

Earthli Edible Garden Kits make it easy for the modern city dweller to grow their own food, with nature, for nature in their own backyard (or balcony)!

We're growing food, plants & consciousness to save the planet —together 🌏

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We know our mission is bold, but with legends like you, we can all make a difference!

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