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White Soul Strawberry

Edible Garden Mini

$ 45 

$ 45 

The Edible Garden Mini is perfect for beginner gardeners, children and those of us tight on space. Whether you have window sills, balconies or that sunny spot in want of some green - this is for you!

Featuring everything you need to get growing delicious rare White Soul Alpine Strawberries right out of the box PLUS special access to the Tribe (our digital platform currently in beta) for 1 on 1 plant support!

What's included:

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White Soul Alpine Strawberry

Summer won't be the same without these sweet rare white strawberries growing outside your window. Bring out the pavlova's, cakes and crumbles with pride.

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Premium Potting Mix

4L of premium potting mix to get your Edible Garden Mini growing, straight out of the box!

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Fabric Grow Bag Mini

Perfect for balconies and tight spots. Grow bag fabric is designed to be free draining and encourages happier roots with air-pruning, for healthier, faster plant growth! Because excess water will seep through, it's best to use with a small saucer underneath to collect any water, which the grow bag will reabsorb into the soil when it needs another drink - cool right! Fill with 4L of good soil/premium potting mix. 18cm diameter x 15cm height

It's all in the details:

Mini in footprint, mega on impact!

Who said you need bulky pots to grow food! Our fabric grow bags are lightweight, flexible and designed to work neatly into your compact space! Be it a sunlit coffee table, or your apartment balcony, Earthli Edible Garden Mini's are made to celebrate the little things while helping our environment.

The Tribe (in beta)

Every Earthli purchase comes with special access to the Tribe (our digital platform, currently in beta). It's our safe space to ask all questions to do with growing food, plants and creating a positive impact on your local environment, no matter your level of experience. Members of the tribe share support, knowledge, personal crop progress and experiences —we even share and swap produce!


Pollinators and insects are critical to our environment and our food systems, but they're being pushed out from our cities. Each of our kits have been designed to draw them back in, with each containing at least one flowering plant, as a feast for your eyes, and your friendly pollinators too!

Air pruning and oxygen in abundance

Did you know, plastic and ceramic pots can have a negative effect on plant root health? Have you ever noticed how seedlings from a nursery can have dense, spiraling roots? Each fabric grow pot is breathable, which stops your soil getting waterlogged, lets in more oxygen, leading to increased root growth, increased and faster plant growth, higher yields and no root bound plants!

Hurt-proof, break-proof and balcony-able

Compact space? Spare your ankles and furniture - a brush with Earthli grow bag won't do much as give you a tickle. Perfect for tight spots too, where the grow pots can be placed snug to one another and the corner of your balcony —no more wasted corners!

Packed more, with less bad.

We ship with minimum packaging to keep your items protected, using compostable, recyclable and otherwise reusable (useful!) material - because, really, who needs more packing? It's our way of delivering as much impact, minus the usual fluff that hurts our planet. Our Edible Garden Kit deliveries are also carbon offset to ensure our actions with you can only be carbon positive from here on it! This is all about the details, and while perfection is hard to achieve, we're taking stock to do as much as possible - after all, we're all connected and it all adds up.

Made to order. Zero waste packaging. 
Carbon-neutral shipping for carbon-positive impact, every week 🖤
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$10 for Edible Garden Kits. $5 for Seed Sets.